What's New?

Apr. 19, 2005: Videos of the grand opening ceremonies and practice at the new JR Tokai kendo dojo in Nagoya, Japan are up. Click the Media link below to view them.

Feb. 24, 2005: Posted videos from Elijah Tatman's 1st-kyu test. He passed! Congratulations!! Click the Media link below to see the videos.

Feb. 07, 2005: A calendar has been added to this main page. Please let me know if anyone has information or events they want listed here.

Dec. 16, 2004: A Forum section has been added. The forum is for discussion of kendo and other subjects. Please feel free to register and post anything that you care to comment on or ask. The forum can be accessed by clicking on its link below. As far as questions go, the Japanese equivalent of an old saying most of us know goes, "To ask is but a moment of shame. To not ask and remain ignorant is a lifetime of shame."

Sep. 20, 2004: We have added a video page in the Galleries section under Clubs. The initial item is a short video of Ely Tatman's first kendo shiai. We will add more as often as we can.